-Art Sanchez, Sun Harvest Foods

”There was a stale air in the office, so I bought a Particle purifier and their smaller unit. I can tell the difference in smell and freshness of the air; it works great! In fact, I have since bought two more units for my home."

-Jack S., St. Louis, MO

"I have to admit I was skeptical when I bought the Particle purifier. I had been suffering with allergy type symptoms when I would go to bed for almost a year and a month ago reached my breaking point with the annoying cough and scratchy throat. Throughout that year I have been researching the different home units available and was not impressed with any of them but decided that I would have to make the big purchase and just try one. As fate would have it, the day I was doing my final comparison analysis I stumbled across the particle 4000. What sold me was the inclusion of actual percent reduction test results for the different air pollutants typically found in houses. I will be ordering another unit for the first floor of my house. Likewise, I will be highly recommending your unit to friends and family.

Thanks for the restful nights."

Phillip Hart, Illinois

"We have 3 cats in our home. Our daughter and her 3 children often visit us and used to complain that their allergies bothered them when they were here. However, now that we have the air purifier they don't seem to have bearly the problem. Also, when our daughter brings her two dogs (that don't seem to affect their allergies) there was always a doggie smell in the house when they left. Now with the air purifer that smell isn't there. Our kitchen leads into the family room and cooking odors such as fish, used to linger in both rooms, but with the air purifer ruinning the smells quickly go away! We are very pleased and we're very happy we purchased it and would recommend them for anyone to use in their home."

-Dr Ed & Sherry Peeks, Tennessee

"We purchased the particle4000 about 6 months ago for our Chiropractic office. My nose was constantly dripping while at work and now it doesn't! My patients also notice the difference in the air when they enter the office So it’s a win-win We highly recommend this product!"

-Rosella H, Wisconsin

" My allergies have improved tremdously since using the air purifier. I also have 2 cats and it helps with dander and odor!."

-Ruth R, Tennessee

"I am a smoker. Ilove my air purifer. Even though I smoke my house doesnt not smell like smoke because of the particle machine. It makes the air smell clean along with my house. I would recommend anyone, get one, even if you are not a smoker like me. It is easy to use and cleaning the unit is easy, and the benefits of it are amazing."